The Idea

24 Days - 24 Composers

Traditionally, the December days before Christmas are a time of joyful anticipation and it is this joy we want to brighten up in these extraordinary times.

The idea of the Musical Advent Calendar was born to still the appetite for art and culture against all current odds:

Every day a door of the digital Advent calendar will be opened and Hanna Bachmann is going to interpret a new piece of music of two to five minutes in videos, adding a few words to introduce the music and its composer.
The Composers


Hanna will present 24 composers to you who will – following the intention of the Advent calendar – remain secret. What can be revealed already though:

The range of chosen works span from the Baroque period up to the current days, famous names are included and also insiders’ tips and the composers’ native countries stretch far beyond Europe’s borders.

With this Musical Advent Calendar you gift yourself and your loved ones a very exceptional cultural experience, namely a unique trip through the world of piano music!
How to Get Started

Enjoying Music from Living Room to Living Room

Please choose the subscription you would like to purchase and provide us with your e-mail-address and the e-mail-address of the person you wish to receive the calendar.

After the payment via the website we will send you a confirmation via e-mail and then we are ready to start:

Starting on December 1st we will send you an e-mail with the link leading you to the digital calendar every day. This means you have the opportunity to enjoy the video of the exact day, as well as the previous ones whenever you wish to!


Access to the musical advent calendar for 1 e-mail address
Access to the musical advent calendar for 2 e-mail addresses
Access to the musical advent calendar for 3 e-mail addresses

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